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I’m going for the title, Bellator veteran Lee Chadwick confidently proclaims. He’s taking on the top of the division, led by Kinclo and Vemola!

Bellator veteran Lee Chadwick was supposed to make his first appearance in the Octagon last December, but due to an injury, he didn’t make his debut until five months later. He will be opposed by Robert Bryczek at the organization’s biggest Oktagon 43 gala to date.



Bellator veteran Lee Chadwick was supposed to make his first appearance in the Octagon last December, but due to an injury, he didn’t make his debut until five months later. His opponent for the organization’s biggest Oktagon 43 gala to date will be Robert Bryczek, who is also the replacement for the Kincl vs. Vemola title fight. He told us how he feels about the top three in the rankings and the rest of the middleweight division in an interview with

The Octagon promotes you as a ground fighter, but you also have KO/TKO wins in your career. How would you describe your fighting style to fans who don’t know you?

Yes, my specialty is ground fighting, but I’ve done boxing and Thai boxing all my life, so I’m ready to dish out punches standing up as well.

You fight at welterweight in the Oktagon 43 tournament, but you’ve also fought at welterweight in Bellator, which is confirmed by your fighter profile on the Oktagon website. What weight do you want to compete at in the organization?

I enjoy fighting even the big guys at welterweight, but my natural weight is middleweight (up to 84 kg). Besides, I’ve been middleweight champion twice, so I’m back to go for another title.

Do you prepare in any special way for your opponent? Last time in the Octagon, Robert Bryczek put on a crushing KO in 65 seconds.

I only prepare to be the best version of myself in my fights. But I’ve added a few adjustments to beat Robert.

The bookies see you as the underdog in this fight. Are they wrong? How do you predict the outcome of the fight?

The bookies aren’t always right, are they? It’s just their guess, but my fate is in my own hands.

You’re up against Robert Bryczek, who’s the understudy for the Kincl vs. Vémola title fight. In the event of a win over Bryczek, which is the number three contender in the division, would you see yourself in a title fight right away?

Yes, my win over Robert will put me straight into a title fight, I’m sure of it.

Do you think the fact that Bryczek is the understudy for the title fight could be your advantage?

Of course, I’m going in my first fight directly against a high ranked opponent, so it’s a definite advantage for me. I wouldn’t want a weaker opponent at the moment.

They call you the English Vemola. Do you know Karlos Vemola or what do you think of him as a fighter? Would you have confidence in him? Maybe he’ll hold belts in both weight classes you’re in.

I didn’t know they called me that. I know Carlos and I’m going after him if he has the title I’m going for. If Kincl wins, then he’s who I want. I believe in my prime I would beat Vemola or anyone with a title.

Your home gym according to the Oktagon website is Atherton Submission Wrestling in Manchester, where Oktagon is going in the fall. Would you like to compete in that tournament or have you already made arrangements with Oktagon management?

Atherton Submission Wrestling Wigan near Manchester to be precise. But I have a lot of fans in Manchester too.

How do you see Oktagon expanding into the UK, is there a chance to establish yourself in such a traditional market? How do you see mixed martial arts in your country at the moment?

Yes, I think Oktagon is a great show and will be better than Bellator here.

Source:: Ruik, Oktagon MMA