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He turned down a boxing match, now he may regret it! Skvor lost again in the first round, the Englishman delivered another giant surprise



OKTAGON 41 offered a few surprises, unfortunately also for the Czech fighters. After Peter Gabal or Ondrej Rašek, Daniel Škvor also experienced the bitterness of defeat. He can only regret that he refused the challenge offered by Dan Vinni.

Knockouts, submissions, surprises. OKTAGON 41 offered all this. From the very first match it started to go downhill and the tournament, which took place in Liberec, was an absolute joy to watch. But several Czech fighters surprisingly fell.

In the first place, the great performance of his 19-year-old opponent Hafeni Nafuka was due to the twenty-four-year-old Peter Gabal, who was guillotined.

Next, Jaime Cordero was a surprise, as he didn’t stay too long with Ondrej Raskka in the first round, and after refusing a takedown, he dealt his opponent a very hard knockdown.

Daniel Škvor was also a huge surprise. Unfortunately for him, but in a bad way. Dan Vinni was the clear underdog, one of the biggest on the entire card, only to prove his tremendous experience in the fight.

Vinni had already reminded Ruik in an interview that he only challenged Shkvor to a boxing match so that the Czech tough guy wouldn’t have to worry about his great ground skills. But Skvor had been training wrestling in Poland and declined the challenge.

However, the Czech fighter paid the price for his efforts and desire to prove himself in full-fledged MMA, and very quickly. One minute and twenty seconds were enough and it was over. Vinni pulled Skvor down for a heel hook.

Skvor did not atone for his loss in December, when he was knocked out after 38 seconds by Jorick Montagnac. It was the third loss of his career and his second loss in a row. It was Vinni who showed up and proved that he can be an interesting addition to the welterweight division.

It’s worth noting that Vinni praised Skvor. He said that as soon as he felt the hardness of his punches, he wanted to take the fight to the ground immediately.

Source: Octagon MMA