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He almost destroyed Čepa, but was finished himself. I’ll get revenge and be middleweight champion, promises Ion Taburceanu



Ion Taburceanu was until recently a big unknown for Czechoslovak MMA fans. But this weekend he was in Bratislava and almost created a sensation. Vlasto Čepo ended up covered in blood, but the Moldovan ended up finishing the fight himself. In an interview with Ruik Taburceanu, he spoke about his plans, among other things.

Vlasto Chepo scored another victory, but it wasn’t easy. In Bratislava he was tested by Ion Taburceanu. Until recently, the unknown fighter managed to make the Slovakian fighter unexpectedly warm.

Even before the fight, the Moldovan mentioned that he was going to stop Cepa. He was very confident, very confident. And in the fight he showed why that was so. In the first round he was able to counter his opponent in the stand-up, but after taking the fight to the ground he destroyed him.

The Slovakian star cashed in brutally on the ground. Hard elbows caused a big gash on his forehead. This fight didn’t seem to have a happy ending for the home crowd. But in the second round, Cepo came back from the dead and Taburceanu was finished.

“I wanted to finish Chepo in the first round, but in the second round it was like I wasn’t in the fight at all. I made a mistake in my tactics. I lost the fight with my emotions that I couldn’t resolve inside me,” the talented Moldovan expressed to Ruik.

Before the end, however, there was a clash of heads. Taburceanu, of course, doesn’t deny the head-on clash, but he doesn’t blame his loss on it in any way. And that he would have folded after losing? No, he didn’t.

“I’ll have my revenge. I’m having a couple of fights now. It’s definitely not the end of the game. After one or two wins, I’ll challenge him to a rematch,” he reports. And given the attractiveness of the first fight, a rematch would certainly not be an uninteresting attraction.

Taburceanu enjoyed the match, praising the atmosphere in Bratislava. He doesn’t have any health problems, so he’ll just take a few days off and then return to full training. He said he will make some changes in training before the next match. He plans to learn from the loss.

“The promoters told me that I have a great future in the Octagon and that I am a young talented fighter with a lot of potential. I signed a four-fight contract here. I intend to become a middleweight champion,” the Moldovan Eagle concluded the interview.