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Finally! Leo Brichta close to a big move, heading to one of the biggest MMA organizations

Confirmed: Leo Brichta 🇨🇿 will soon make his debut in the KSW organization!! when is the Czech Republic coming out❓ Finally there is clear information about the future of Czech player Leo Brichta 🇨🇿. His manager Artur Gwó Jego from Artnox Fight Sport group revealed to portal in the last interview just after Saturday’s XTB KSW 81 gala in Tomaszów Mazowiecki that his player will soon make his debut in the biggest Polish organization. Let’s remind that the lightweight player has been very close to the Polish organization for a long time, however, the Czech contract with the Oktagon MMA federation prevented him from appearing at the KSW 79 gala in Liberec in February this year, among other things.
On the occasion of the interview, we learned that the contract is over and nothing will stand in the way of the player from Prague making his debut in the KSW cage. The editor-in-chief of the portal doing the interview suggested that since Brihta will be a free agent from May, he heard about the Czech Republic in the context of the next KSW 82 gala in May. The manager could not confirm this information for reasons known to him. Let us remind you that the next KSW 82 gala at the ATM Studio in Warsaw, which will take place on 13 May 2012, will be held in Warsaw. on May 13th, we will definitely see another Czech – the already announced Filip Macek 🇨🇿, who will face Sebastian Przybysz It is not known whether Leo Brichta will actually appear at the next gala, but we are sure that his debut will be at one of the upcoming galas. The player made his last appearance at the gala of the RFA organization, with which KSW has a very good relationship and many competitors are in contention for both organizations. It is unknown at this time if the same will happen with this player.



Leo Brichta was a very popular fighter in the Octagon, but then he signed with the newly created RFA brand, which doesn’t enjoy much attention. That’s why his move wasn’t perceived in a positive way. But now he is close to a big move abroad.

One of the most talented fighters on the Czechoslovak scene is about to take a big step out of the shadows and into the limelight. According to, he will sign with the Polish organization KSW, which is one of the biggest MMA brands in the world.

Leo Brichta was supposed to make his KSW debut back in February, when the Polish organization made its first ever appearance in the Czech Republic, specifically in Liberec, but it was not possible due to the fighter’s long-settled contract with Oktagon.

Because of the contract, he was not able to fight under the RFA banner, but he still had four fights in the organization. And how was the contract? Martin Lewandowski, KSW’s promoter, was given permission by Oktagon to review the contract and did not dispute Oktagon’s position.

That’s why Brichta hasn’t appeared in KSW yet. Instead, the Polish organization was waiting for the contract to expire and that should happen at the end of April. After that, the Czech fighter can sign with the Polish brand and eventually fight there as well.

There is currently speculation in Poland that Brichta should fight at the KSW 82 gala in Warsaw in May (May 13), but this information has not been officially confirmed.

However, we do know that another Czech, Filip Macek, will appear at the May 13th event and will be making his Polish debut after leaving the Octagon.

For now, it is not even certain if Brichta will continue to fight in the RFA. The organizations have a good relationship, and several fighters will therefore be fighting under both brands. But Brichta can be such an exclusive commodity that it wouldn’t be a surprise if that’s not the case.

Source::, MMA Top News