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What the Premier League is all about: the relegation zone is getting thinner

Two of them have clearly got out of the fight for salvation, two have, on the contrary, significantly worsened their position. The tenth episode of our weekly series, in which we focus on interesting facts from the world of the Premier League, will focus exclusively on clubs from the bottom half of the table.



Two of them apparently got out of the fight for salvation, two of them, on the other hand, have significantly worsened their position. Thetenth episode of our weekly series, in which we focus on the Premier League world, will be devoted exclusively to clubs from the bottom half of the table.

During the national break, we took an in-depth look at the nine teams at risk in the fight to stay among England’s elite. After three rounds, it seems that only five, maybe six teams remain in a real panic.

Southampton and Leicester in trouble

The first relegation team is basically Southampton. It is four points behind 17th place, with only Nottingham and Bournemouth to come from the teams in the second half of the table. Moreover, he has failed to beat his equals regularly during the season.

Leicester, who are two points above Saints after four losses in a row, are also the surprise favourites for the drop. Meanwhile, the squad has not suffered a drastic change since last season, in which they bravely fought in the Conference League. However, the opposition have gone mental in a tough fight for survival, which is accentuated by a leaky defence.

Another red three

Nottingham, Everton and Leeds met at the third relegation spot. It is this trio that rounds off the top three candidates for the fight for survival. Nottingham have three red crosses in a row on their match record, the other two mentioned have two.

Nottingham and Everton are on 27 points, the Whites are two points better, but their poor form fits them as relegation candidates. The Toffees probably have the most experience of fighting for relegation and the best squad.

The rest are only theoretically

Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton can probably be definitely eliminated, but West Ham and Bournemouth are still only six and four points away from relegation respectively in the case of the Hammers.

But David Moyes’ charges will save themselves with a quality squad. Bournemouth, on the other hand, are on a good run and looking good, but nominally have possibly the weakest squad in the league. The six-point cushion may disappear in four rounds, unless the Cherries can maintain their performance from the last rounds.

Source: Premier League