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Champions League

top 10 turnovers in the Champions League: La Remontada and a magical night in Istanbul with Czech participation

The Champions League brings with it thrilling matches every year. In its 30-year history, we’ve seen some great comebacks, let’s recap the best!



The Champions League brings with it thrilling matches every year. In its 30-year history, we’ve seen some great comebacks, let’s recap the best!

10. Juventus – Atlético Madrid 3::0 (3::2 overall)

The Cristiano Ronaldo show. That’s what you could call the first turnaround in our ranking. It was the 2018/19 season and Ronaldo’s first ever season at Juventus, which was to lead to the dream trophy for the Champions League winners.

After the first match at the newly opened Wanda Metropolitano, the result played into the hands of the home team, who won 2-0 there. But in the return leg, Cristiano Ronaldo responded to the criticism with a hat-trick.

9. PSG – Manchester United 1::3 (3::3 overall, United advance)

Nobody expected this turn of events. A star-studded PSG beat Manchester United 2-0 at Old Trafford and even the key Paul Pogba was unable to play in the rematch.

The team of interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who has experience with Champions League turnovers, managed to turn the double match in their favour. An uncertain Gianluigi Buffon gifted Lukaku his second goal of the game when he miscued a shot from Rashford.

It was the young Englishman who provided the sensation from the penalty spot, sending Manchester United into the Champions League quarter-finals in stoppage time.

8. Deportivo La Coruna – AC Milan 4: 0 (5: 4 overall)

Deportivo went into the double-header with the defending Champions League champions as underdogs. The star-studded AC Milan won comfortably at home by 4: 1.

Until then, no one had managed to turn around a Champions League double in which a team was three goals down after the first leg. But the Spanish team came within striking distance thanks to Walter Pandiani, Juan Carlos Valeron and Alberto Luque. After Fran’s shot was crossed into the net by Cafú, one of the biggest turnarounds in the millionaire competition was decided.

Deportivo La Coruna manager Javier Irureta begged for a miracle before the rematch. And he got it. In thanks for it, he made a holy pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

7. AS Rome – Barcelona 3: 0 (4: 4 overall, AS Rome promoted)

Another of Barcelona’s collapses in the Champions League knockout stages. The 4: 1 home lead that Barcelona took away from the Nou Camp should have meant a perfectly comfortable progression to the semi-finals of the most prestigious club competition.

AS Roma, however, stood up to the Catalan giants in a gladiatorial fashion. Edin Džeko first scored the goal himself, then won a penalty for Daniel de Rossi. Then came the fateful corner kick, from which Greek stopper Kostas Manolas stepped up.

6. Real Madrid – Manchester City 3::1 (6::5 overall)

Real Madrid showed in last year’s Champions League that they are simply good in this competition. A wild result at the Etihad, with Manchester City winning 4: 3, gave the Citizens a one-goal advantage going into the rematch in Madrid.

Riyad Mahrez’s 73rd-minute strike gave the English side a great chance of reaching their second ever LM final, but Pep Guardiola’s team’s fatal lack of concentration at the end backfired. Two quick goals from Rodry sent the game into extra time, where Karim Benzema’s penalty was the decisive goal.

5. Ajax – Tottenham 2::3 (3::3 overall, Spurs advance)

This turnaround surprised many a football fan. Tottenham in the double match with Ajax clearly pulled the short end of the stick for three halves. Moreover, it was missing Harry Kane.

But even a three-goal lead was not enough for Ajax to reach the Champions League final. Lucas Moura’s hat-trick took everyone in Amsterdam by surprise. His decisive goal in stoppage time sent then Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino to his knees.

4. Liverpool – Barcelona 4::0 (4::3 overall)

The 19/20 season was full of great turnovers. Trent Alexander Arnold’s cleverly played goal still haunts Barcelona fans to this day. Barcelona came to Anfield with a three-goal lead.

Divock Origi gave the home team the lead against a fragile Barcelona side in the first half. Two more goals after half-time were scored by the brilliant Wijnaldum. Divock Origi then scored the decisive goal after a hastily played corner. “Corner taken quickly, Origi!”

3. Barcelona – PSG 6::1 (6::5 overall)

The famous La Remontada. In the 16/17 season, Barcelona faced PSG of France in the eighth round of the Champions League. After a disgraceful 4: 0 defeat in Paris, it seemed to be decided.

But the MSN trio did something we have never seen before in the Champions League. An early goal from Suárez gave the team and indeed all Barcelona fans hope. Laywin Kurzawa’s own goal and Lionel Messi’s penalty already brought the Catalans significantly closer to progression.

However, it was Edinson Cavani’s 3-1 goal that gave Barcelona a lot of trouble and meant that they had to score three more goals. Nothing happened for a long time until Neymar converted a direct kick in the 88th minute. After a simulation by Suárez, the Brazilian also scored from the penalty spot. The decisive goal was scored by Sergi Roberto at the end of stoppage time.

2. Manchester United – Bayern Munich 2::1

The legendary final of the 1998/99 season offered the spectator a lot of drama. Bayern held the narrowest possible lead throughout the match after Basler scored from a direct kick.

But the setup came and with it the proverbial Fergie Time, substitutes Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjear both managed to score in stoppage time from a corner kick. So the miracle at Camp Nou was taken care of.

1. AC Milan – Liverpool 3::3 (Liverpool won on penalties)

There could be no doubt about the first place. When AC Milan scored a goal in the first minute, and after two Hernán Crespo goals, they were already 3:0 up at half-time, no one doubted the victory of the Milanese team.

But Liverpool, under coach Rafael Benítez, managed to turn this unfavourable situation around. First Steven Gerrard scored. The biggest moment of Czech midfielder Vladimir Šmicer’s career came right after. Milan Baroš also had an unacknowledged part in this goal, as his shot slightly licked his little finger.

Xabi Alonso’s penalty in the 61st minute brought the equaliser. After extra time, it went to penalties. Polish goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek was the de facto decider, keeping out two AC Milan shooters. Shevchenko’s failure from the penalty spot meant a sensational triumph for the Reds

Source: UEFA, Twitter