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Summary of the 9th round of Little League Football: Ostrava won on the field in Blansko, Laňka shone with seven goals



Nine of the ten rounds of the regular season of the Super League of small football are over. And it’s clear that most teams will have a lot to play for in the final round as well. For a better starting position in the play-offs in the western group and even for promotion in the eastern group.

Jihlava Miners – Olomouc Mighty Ducks 6::2 (3::2)

Goals and assists:: 3. Míča (Göth), 19. Plichta (Votoupal), 26. Göth (Plichta), 33. Matulka (Plichta), 38. Plichta (Matulka), 59. Míča (Plichta) – 14. Kmínek (Šuba), 18. Jašek (Kaďorek). Referee:: Kohout – Terber. Penalty:: Galus, Kaďorek, Šuba (all Olomouc). Penalty:: 55. Kaďorek (Olomouc).

Olomouc lost their second match of the spring season to the leading team of the eastern group 2::6. Antonín Plichta had the biggest credit for the triumph of the “Miners”, scoring two goals and setting up three.

Jihlava decided their second spring victory in the second half and jumped to second place two points behind the Mighty Ducks before the last round.

Most – Hanspaulka Praha 7::3 (2::1)

Goals and assists:: 9. Laňka (Polák), 12. Laňka (Exner), 32. Laňka (Popelka), 33. Laňka (Klíma), 53. Laňka (Harzer), 54. Laňka (Holman), 55. Laňka (Exner) – 21. Mařík (Jelínek), 54. Němec (Mařík), 60. Němec (Mařík). Referee:: Havel – Dočekal. ŽK:: Bíro – Jelínek.

One man match. This was a duel between Most and Prague Hanspaulka, in which the home team’s Denis Laňka excelled. He secured Most’s 7:3 win with seven goals, five of them in the second half. The North Bohemians, in third place in the western group, have a one-point lead over fourth-placed Hanspaulka before the last round.

MF Blanensko – MF Baník Ostrava 4::7 (2::6)

Goals and assists:: 14. Trajer (Studený), 28. Paděra (Trajer), 34. Minx (Matoušek), 59. Minx (Klimeš) – 1. Barták (Bělíček), 7. Vala (Barták), 9. Barták (Hudeček), 18. Frébort (Váňa), 25. M. Gaži (Barták), 29. Kálay (M. Gaži), 56. Frébort. Judges:: Sýkora – Stria. PENALTIES: Bělíček, Hudeček, Váňa (all Ostrava). ČK:: 64. Klimeš (Blanensko).

Baník Ostrava reacted to the success of Jihlava and also strengthened their chances to qualify for the play-offs. They won 7::4 in Boskovice, the home stronghold of Blanensko. Ostrava had an excellent first half, leading by three goals after nine minutes and going into the break with a 6:2 lead.

Although Blanensko eased the deficit in the second half with two goals, Baník celebrated by matching Jihlava and Brno on points. Fifth-placed Blanensko is two points behind fourth-placed Ostrava.

Vikings Brno – PAMAKO Pardubice 4::2 (1::1)

Goals and assists:: 9. Presl (Matyska), 44. Presl, 52. Presl (Matyska), 59. Matyska (Vintr) – 30. Šibal (Stránský), 35. Bartaloš (Rosůlek), referee:: Perutka – Růžička. PENALTY:: Presl, Kunický, Prokeš, Dobšíček – Kaluža, Rosůlek, Šibal.

The Brno Vikings went for almost sure three points on their home field, but the worst team in the national competition showed that it has its own quality. Pardubice held a draw after the first half and five minutes after the break Daniel Bartaloš even sent them into the lead.

However, it was Czech international David Presl who was up against it, completing a hat-trick in the 52nd minute to turn the score around. Lukáš Matyska added the final insurance to make it 4:2 a minute before the end. Brno will fight for the promotion to the last round, in which they go to Ostrava.

Partyzan Příbram – Rytíři Plzeň 4::3 (3::2)

Goals and assists:: 9. Ptáček (J. Junek), 11. Bašík (J. Junek), 20. Bašík (Hofman), 36. Bašík (J. Junek) – 13. Šebek, 22. Kepl (Šebek), 34. Vitouš (Šebek). Referee:: Kubečka – Řeháček. PENALTY:: Malý – Kepl.

Partyzan defended the home win against Pilsen until the last minute. The leading team of the western group had a hard time with the fifth-placed Knights, the guests always answered the leading goal from Pribram, Josef Vitouš equalised in the 34th minute to 3:3.

Two minutes later, however, the home team’s Pavel Bašík scored for the third time in the match and Plzeň did not react to this shot. The table leader then defended its narrow lead.

Predátoři Praha – Vlci Kolín 9::1 (4::1)

Goals and assists:: 2. Machacek (Vávra), 14. Šídlo (Vávra), 22. Šídlo (Machacek), 30. own Bricín, 33. Jahoda (Šídlo), 34. Jahoda (Vaclavik), 35. Machacek (Tung), 45. Václavík (Jahoda), 52. Jahoda (Machacek) – 28. F. Kotek. Referee: Šik – Št’astka. PENALTY:: Václavík, Jurčík, Šídlo – Oberreiter.

The duel between the Prague Predators and the Cologne Wolves turned into a clear-cut affair. The home favourite won 9:1, the Predators led by three goals in the first half and added five more after the break. Matěj Jahoda scored a hat trick and an assist.

The Prague team is only one point behind the second place leader Příbram before the last round of the regular season, the Wolves are last without a chance for the play-offs.