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Round 8 summary of the Little League: the western group knows who’s advancing, the drama continues in the east



The spring part of the Superleague of small football has started and the results of the eighth round have indicated how the top eight of the play-offs may look like. In the western group it is clear, neither the Knights of Pilsen nor the Wolves of Kolín have any hope. Pardubice are out of the picture in the eastern group, but the point spread between the remaining five teams is slim.

Jihlava Miners – Vikings Brno 4::3 (1::1)

Goals and assists:: 27. Brtnický (Šteffl), 39. Plichta (Šteffl), 52. Šteffl (M. Prokeš), 56. Kavka – 2. 56. Doubravský (T. Prokeš), 51. T. Prokeš (Havlín), 60. T. Prokeš (Macko). Referee:: Tomiga – Terber. PENALTY:: Doubravský (Brno).

The Vikings had a great start, leading from the second minute after Bohumír Doubravský’s goal, but three minutes before the break David Brtnický equalised and the game started again.

Visiting Tomas Prokeš reacted to Antonin Plichta’s goal, but a minute later David Šteffl gave the home team the lead back, and in the 56th minute Daniel Kavka scored the decisive goal. Tomáš Prokeš scored his second goal of the game to even the score. Jihlava stayed fifth in the table, but was within a point of third-placed Brno.

Hanspaulka Praha – Vlci Kolín 25::1 (12::0)

Goals and assists:: 2. Sodoma (Novotný), 3. Sodoma (Mařík), 4. Mařík (Novotný), 6. Sodoma (Jelínek), 12. Novotný (Reiter), 14. Jelínek (Novotný), 16. Marik (Bezstarosti), 18. Novotny (Žežulka), 19. Sodoma (Novotny), 20. Marik (Jelinek), 22. Novotny (Marik), 30. Sodoma (Marik), 32. Marik (Sodoma), 33. Jelinek (Bébr), 36. Žežulka, 42. Jelinek (Sodoma), 43. Sodoma (Jelinek), 46. Žežulka (Novotný), 49. Marik (Sodoma), 50. Sodoma (Baran), 51. Mařík (Žežulka), 52. Sodoma (Jelinek), 53. Reiter (Jelinek), 55. Sodoma (Jelinek), 59. Sodoma (Baran) – 56. F. Kotek (Javůrek). Referee:: M. Kubečka – Řeháček. Penalty:: Sodoma (Hanspaulka).

Prague’s Hanspaulka opened the exhibition shooting range at home, crushing Kolín 25: 1. The Wolves arrived with only six men without substitutions, which the defending champions took advantage of and from the beginning to the end of the match they were eager to increase the score. The top scorer was Jiří Sodoma with ten goals, captain Stanislav Mařík added six.

Olomouc Mighty Ducks – MF Blanensko 4::5 (1::1)

Goals and assists:: 19. Mirvald (Kaďorek), 35. Mirvald (Skopalík), 44. Kryl (Pazdera), 47. Kaďorek (Galus) – 9. Paděra (Studený), 33. Ševčík (Muzikant), 37. Ševčík (Minx), 50. Paděra (Trajer), 53. Paděra (Studený). Judge: Pfeifer – Terber. PENALTY:: Klimeš, Minx (both Blanensko).

In Olomouc it was an even match from the beginning, but the home team always finished the match until the score 3::3. The leader of the eastern group of the national competition took the lead in the 47th minute after a goal by Lukáš Kaďorek, but the end belonged to Blansko’s captain Ondřej Pader.

In the 50th minute he equalised and three minutes later he completed his hat-trick, which secured the victory 5:4. The second Blanensko team is four points behind the leading Mocné Kachers with two rounds to go.

MF Baník Ostrava – PAMAKO Pardubice 5::0 by default

Pardubice didn’t come to Ostrava for the match, so they lost 0::5 by default and will finish the season on the last place of the advantageous group.

Rytíři Plzeň – Most 3::4 (1::1)

Goals and assists:: 9. Vitouš (Kepl), 47. Kepl (PK), 51. Mourek (Bodnaruk) – 10. Exner (Laňka), 48. Laňka (Gedeon), 52. Laňka (Gedeon), 57. Laňka (Gedeon). Referee:: P. Kubečka – Pelikán. PENALTIES:: M. Koudelka, Laňka, Zetka (all Most). ČK:: 46. Koudelka (Most).

Every time Plzeň took the lead, Most equalised within a minute. It happened in the first half and twice in the second. Denis Laňka reacted to František Mourka’s goal in the 51st minute and equalised at 3:3.

However, three minutes before the end Laňka used Filip Gedeon’s pass for the third time in the match to decide the victory for Most. The North Bohemians, in fourth position in the Western Group, leapfrogged the fifth-placed Knights by eight points and it is clear that neither Plzeň nor Kolín will make the play-offs.

Partyzan Příbram – Predátoři Praha 2::2 (0::2), penalty kicks 3::1

Goals and assists:: 45. J. Junek (Belej), 57. Beran (P. Junek), decisive penalty Sirotek – 4. 22. Šídlo (Macháček), referee:: Št’astka – Soukup. PENALTY:: Drašnar, P. Junek – Šídlo, Václavík, Jurčík.

The drama, as befits and belongs to the duel for the first place, was presented by the teams of Partyzan Příbram and Predators Praha. The home team won 3:2 after penalties, but they were in the thick of it from the beginning. The Prague team scored two goals in the first half, which were answered by Partyzan after the break. Three minutes before the end, home goalkeeper Ondřej Beran sent the match into a shootout with a goal.

While the visiting Miroslav Vaclavik did not convert the penalty kick, all three Pribram enforcers Patrik Junek, Jiri Junek and Petr Sirotek were right. Partisan got an extra point to lead the western group by a point ahead of Predators and Hanspaulka.