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Did Nagelsmann’s girlfriend cost him his job at Bayern? Bavarian legend explains the end of the young coach



Although club football is not the main topic right now due to the national break, there was a very surprising situation during the week. Julian Nagelsmann is no longer the coach of Bayern Munich and his successor will be Thomas Tuchel. The media is discussing why this move has been made. The reason was hinted by a former player of the Bavarian team.

Bayern Munich are second in the Bundesliga, but still have a chance to win the treble. It is in contention for the league title as well as the cup or the Champions League. In addition, a few days ago the president of the club’s supervisory board, Herbert Heiner, praised the young coach of the Bavarian team.

But on Thursday evening the media came with the news that Julian Nagelsmann is quitting the Bayern bench and Thomas Tuchel is taking his place. The very next day, the official announcement was made. A bolt from the blue.

Fans were surprised, Bayern players were surprised, many media were surprised. The football public is simply shocked, nobody expected it. After all, Nagelsmann is not embarrassing the Bavarians at all, quite the opposite. He is doing very well. He’s young, he has potential. He came for 25 million euros.

However, in the statements of people from the club’s management, it is said that they had counted on Julian for a long-term cooperation, but after the World Cup the team did not fulfill its performance and playing potential.

The official reason for the sacking is therefore a big unknown. However, the Bayern legend came up with an explanation.

Babbel explains Nagelsmann’s demise

Markus Babbel is one of Bayern’s legends. He played over 260 games for the club, managed over 50 in the German national team jersey, and also played for Liverpool. He understands very well how Bayern works.

Therefore, his opinion can be very relevant. So why does he think Julian Nagelsmann ended up at the Bavarian big club? He gave several reasons.

“Rumours abounded that he didn’t have 100% confidence in the dressing room. And there are two things. Firstly, it was his style. I honestly didn’t understand that he hadn’t learned anything in two years. He often put himself at the forefront, but at Bayern the team is the star, not the coach. Of course you have to maintain authority, but you also have to step back and let the team excel. But Julian always had to have the last word,” Babbel tells Blick.

The other thing? Nagelsmann’s girlfriend, who worked for Bild:: ” His relationship was a big topic in the dressing room. It didn’t do any good at all. His partner was a big problem for Bayern, it broke the trust. Some players didn’t have the courage to say what they thought. They were afraid that everything would end up in the newspapers.”

“Yes, you can’t control love, but when you fail to be consistently successful and consistent, you can’t just carry on and hope things will get better. I feel sorry for Julian, he’s an excellent coach, but he went to Bayern maybe too soon. Maybe he underestimated what it means to be a Bayern coach,” Babbel added.

Source: Blick, Transfermarkt