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At the age of 20, neither the education nor the development of football talent is complete



Czech football is facing a challenging task, more and more young talents are coming to us from abroad, improving our competitions and expecting our football to complete their individual development to fulfil their ambitions to become a professional footballer.

And this is not an easy expectation and task, because for decades Czech football has struggled, not easily and not very successfully, with completing the successful careers of its own talents, most of whom, as a rule, are no longer cared for in a quality and conceptual way once they reach adulthood. As a result, our successful players in foreign professional leagues are as scarce as saffron.

Denis Pivazi, a talent originally from Georgia, whose sporting family was domesticated in Strasbourg, France, at the beginning of this millennium, courageously set out from France to the Czech football waters at the age of 19 to find and advance, or preferably complete, his sporting development and fulfil his dream of becoming a successful professional footballer.

The difference between a professional player, which we have in Czech football is overcrowded, and a successful professional player is like night and day. It is a difference.

At SK Kosmonosy, led by Mr. Petr Bernard, we have received excellent references and recommendations from our most experienced football professionals.

Right after the initial discussions with the club president and his sports management, with Mr. Milan Pechanc, the sports director and Mr. Michal Masek, the head coach of the A team, Denis Pivazi entered into a targeted development project of SK Kosmonosy to ultimately succeed in his future career and we all wish and work for the success of this talented player.

Up until now, the player has largely benefited from his innate, unmissable talent that has set him apart and made him different. But at times, as is often the case with distinctive talents, he slowed down. Unfortunately, COVID also interfered with Denis’ development in the French academies and created a certain sense of delay in the player, which, however, began to take its toll once the coaching staff in the Czech Republic, specifically in SK Kosmonosy, started to pay attention to him. And the coaching team does not intend to stop “polishing” the quality of the player, the motivation of everyone to work together is obvious.

There has already been an analysis of the current situation in the club, where our player works, trains, plays and develops. The analysis was attended by our consultant from 121 ELITE Sports. The coaches’ conclusions are what could be expected for the talent. Add in separate individual preparation.

In France, unlike the Czech Republic, there are FFF competitions organized to complete the education of young talents, which we do not have at all yet. They are Championnate National N, N2 and N3.

But there is one big BUT. While the N and N2 are very high quality competitions, much like the 1st and 2nd Czech leagues when filled with many well-rounded players. N3 doesn’t have that quality, but along with R1 it provides young talent with one of the first opportunities to play adult football.

In other words, there is a significant difference between N2 and N3 (R1) that the best have to master, a sort of first sorting plane followed by others where players have to consistently try and work hard on themselves (through N2, N, L2) to aspire to participate in the France national team.

Denis Pivazi has already successfully covered the quality of the French N3 competition at the age of 18, and the huge jump to N2 disrupted by the pandemic is now helped by a suitable Czech and increasingly high-quality division (B), which stands between the French N3 and N2 in terms of its level. And at the same time consistent quality training under the expert guidance of the SK Kosmonosy coaches with consistent support from the 121 ELITE Sports team.

The most immediate and highest priority and coaching recommendation for the adaptation and progression of a young talented player is the involvement of a higher part of his own individual initiative and independent training activities purely by the player, without which he would not last long anyway in professional football and certainly would not succeed.

It’s working with your own mentality, where the player has to proactively take responsibility for himself in order to succeed in the sporting marketplace, to be attractive and frankly priced attractively. Denis has it all the more challenging when his athlete parents can no longer have a direct influence on the day-to-day life of their young athlete son.

SK Kosmonosy sees in the project its own shift and internal development, the club is gaining very valuable and in no other way than in this way graspable experience with foreign talents, in order to literally throw them into the world of professionals with a quality development environment and program at the level of amateur sport.

But the extremely sympathetic and responsible thing is to throw them in there thoroughly and comprehensively prepared, so that they succeed as professional players, have full quality careers and bring satisfaction to their families for the family support, for the sacrifices and for the hard work, and to give a good name to their coaches, club, family and all those who prepared and supported them well for a world in which it blows a lot.

In order to make sure that Denis Pivazi will make the huge leap to FFF N2, he now has some homework to do in the Czech Republic, which he confirmed that he intends to complete without fail, so that he has a real chance to become a “PRO”.