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Champions League

VIDEO: Bernardo Silva the executioner of Real Madrid! Portuguese scores two goals to significantly boost City’s chances of reaching the final

The 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship continues with day seven, featuring another four games. The national teams of Hungary and Sweden will also face each other at the Tampere Deck Arena in Finland. The match starts at 15:20. Can the Hungarians surprise the favoured Swedes with anything at all?



The opening semi-final match was a 1:1 draw, with Manchester City the favourite to reach the final, as they were crushing their opponents at home from the start. The excellent Thibaut Courtois prevented an early penalty, but was already short on Bernardo Silva.

The Champions League is slowly coming to its conclusion. On Tuesday we saw the first finalist in the form of Inter Milan, the second will be known soon as Manchester City play Real Madrid.

The opening match went 1-1, with Vinícius scoring first and then Kevin De Bruyne equalising. The favourite to reach the final was City, who hosted the rematch.

And from the first minutes, it showed who was more determined to advance. In the 13th minute, Thibaut Courtois had to step up to the plate to clear Erling Haaland’s header.

A similar situation repeated itself in the 21st minute, but once again the Belgian goalkeeper shone. But he couldn’t keep a clean sheet as he cashed in two minutes later.

De Bruyne sent a beautiful pass to Bernardo Silva and he didn’t hesitate to send the ball into the open net in front of the goalkeeper. City were deservedly 1-0 up.

In the 35th minute, Toni Kroos hit the crossbar after an intervention by Ederson, but shortly afterwards the home fans were happy again. Silva’s header increased the score.

In the 37th minute, Manchester City were already 2-0 up and there was no sign that they would let the final slip through their fingers.

Source: UEFA, Twitter