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Summary of the 10th round of small football: the quarterfinal pairs are clear, Blanensko did not slip into the play-offs



It’s been fought. At least in the regular season of the Little League Super League. It ended with the tenth round, in which the eight qualifiers were decided and the quarter-final play-off pairs were also formed.

Most – Partyzan Příbram 7::5 (4::2)

Goals and assists:: 5. Laňka (Exner), 8. Laňka (Kasal), 15. Kasal (Exner), 28. Klíma (Laňka), 38. Laňka (Harzer), 47. Laňka (Exner), 55. Dolecek (Polák) – 6. Drašnar (J. Junek), 27. Malý (J. Junek), 48. J. Junek (Bašík), 57. J. Junek, 57. Malý (Bašík). Referee:: Kohout – Dočekal. Penalty:: Laňka – Drašnar, Malý. CK:: 22. Koubek, 55. Doleček (both Most).

In the last round, Most confirmed its spring surge and after winning 7::5, it caught up with the leading Příbram, which stayed in the lead only thanks to better scores from mutual matches, having won 6::2 in the autumn.

Denis Laňka confirmed his representative form by adding one assist to his four goals. Most were not slowed down by two red cards.

Hanspaulka Praha – Predátoři Praha 3::2 (2::2)

Goals and assists:: 25. Jákl (Němec), 28. Žežulka, 50. 14. Vávra (Kubiš), 30. Vávra (Kraus). Referee:: Havel – Št’astka. Penalty:: Špaček (Predators).

The Prague derby in the western group was even more balanced than in the autumn. While Predators won the October duel 3:1, Hanspaulka won 3:2 at the end of the regular season.

Ondřej Žežulka scored a goal in the 50th minute to decide the match. The Predators scored one goal less in both matches, which kept them in third place just ahead of fourth place Hanspaulka.

MF Blanensko – Jihlava Miners 2::8 (2::2)

Goals and assists:: 11. Paděra (Kucharčuk), 27. Krška (Koudelka) – 2. Plichta (L. Trojánek), 4 own Koudelka, 31. Svoboda (Míča), 32. Svoboda (Plichta), 46. Plichta (Svoboda), 48. Votoupal (Plichta), 53. Votoupal (Trojánek), 57. Míča (Votoupal). Referee:: Sýkora – Prudil. Penalty:: Fládr, Krška – Brtnický.

Both teams needed to win to ensure their qualification for the play-offs. Accordingly, the line-ups they took to the field in Boskovice looked like this. It was 2:2 at halftime, but right after the break, Richard Svoboda from Jihlava struck twice and from then on the “Miners” only increased the score to 8:2.

Jihlava kept the second place, Blanensko will not go to the knockout fights despite the help of Jan Koudelka and David Krška.

PAMAKO Pardubice – Olomouc Mighty Ducks 3::3 (0::2), penalty 2::3

Goals and assists:: 42. Slavik (Bartalos), 44. Formacek, 55. Slavík (Formáček) – 30. Hegr, 15. Mirvald (Kalina), 48. Kryl (Látal), decisive penalty by Kryl. Referee: Pfeifer – Terber. Penalties:: Rosůlek, Formáček (both Pardubice).

Although Pardubice did not have a good season at all and closed the eastern group of the national competition, in the last round they troubled the table leader. Olomouc led by two goals after half-time, but PAMAKO equalised and forced a penalty kick in the 55th minute thanks to Jakub Slavik.

However, Josef Stránský failed in them, while all three Hanaks scored and the Mighty Ducks took away the bonus point that consolidated their place at the head of the eastern group.

MF Baník Ostrava – Vikings Brno 1::2 (0::1)

Goals and assists:: 38. Schmutz (Hudeček) – 15. Macko, 60. Slováček. Referee:: Tomiga – Perutka. PENALTY:: Krejčíř, Macko (both Brno).

Petr Slováček calmed down the Brno Vikings only in the last minute of the game. His goal in the 60th minute secured the victory in Ostrava 2:1 and, most importantly, the play-offs. Brno will go into the quarter-finals from third place, Baník took the fourth position.

Vlci Kolín – Rytíři Plzeň 4::2 (0::2)

Goals and assists:: 37. Stránský, 52. Bína (Kmoch), 52. Stránský, 58. Kmoch – 9. Kosty (Vitouš), 16. Šebek (Zieliński). Referee:: Soukup – Řeháček. Penalties:: Stránský, Oberreiter – Šebek, Vančát.

It looked like the Knights would say goodbye to this year’s Superleague of small football with a victory, because ten minutes before the end of the duel in Kolín they were still leading.

But in the 52nd minute the Wolves scored two goals thanks to Daniel Bín and Jindřich Stránský, and two minutes before the end Tomáš Kmoch added the insurance for 4:2. Thanks to the better matches, Cologne finished fifth in the Western Group ahead of Plzeň.

Quarterfinal pairings:

Hanspaulka Praha – Olomouc Mighty Ducks (first game on May 7, rematch on May 14)

Vikings Brno – Most (May 7 and May 14)

MF Baník Ostrava – Partyzan Příbram (May 7 and May 14)

Predators Prague – Jihlava Miners (9. 5. and 14. 5.)

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