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Only in your underwear for the weigh-in. The beautiful boxer likes to provoke and this is how she caused a lot of trouble for the promoter a year ago



Ebanie Bridges is one of the most beautiful boxers. She loves to show off her figure and usually presents herself in bold lingerie at public weigh-ins.

Women’s combat sports are gaining a growing audience, especially from men who enjoy watching good-looking fighters. Ebanie Bridges is one boxer who definitely knows how to captivate this audience.

She comes to the pre-fight weigh-ins half-naked and sometimes shows her body in see-through underwear, which we had a chance to see last time in December last year when she defended her title.

She is also very popular on social media, where she presents her body in a similar way as she does at public weigh-ins. She has taken her presentation a bit bolder as she also features on the social network Onlyfans.

Tough times as a promoter

Last year, she caused a rough time for promoter Eddie Hearn with her entrance presentation. He stands behind the female fighters at the weigh-in, which can be a particularly difficult task for the men at these times.

Hearn is a professional, though, and he wasn’t thrown off by this boxer’s physique. When he stands behind a fighter, he looks in every direction but at her. But she has a funny surprise in store for him.

During the weigh-in, she brought him sunglasses so no one could see which direction his eyes were going.

But the famous promoter didn’t take advantage of his gift and put the glasses in his pocket without hesitation.

“You try to help him, you give him sunglasses so he doesn’t hurt his neck by constantly staring at the ceiling, and he puts them in his pocket,” the fighter said on her Twitter account.

The famous boxer then told the Daily Star that the promoter looked at her and blushed. However, he didn’t compromise on his professionalism and stood the rest of the weigh-in.

Ebanie Bridges is definitely not one to let what she does and how she did it speak for itself. This is despite the fact that she sometimes takes harsh criticism for her speech.

Source: Twitter, Dailystar

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