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Messi has never been the problem, on the contrary, he has always been the solution, defends Argentine idol legend Thierry Henry



PSG is guarding its way to the title, yet there is a lot of confusion surrounding the club’s next season and current operations. Fans are frustrated and taking their anger out on the best player in football history in particular. But Lionel Messi has come to the defence.

Two seasons and enough. Lionel Messi is unlikely to sign a new contract with PSG, so he can focus on his next steps in peace. There is talk of a return to Barcelona or a move to Saudi Arabia.

But how will he remember Paris? He came in as the man to help win the Champions League, only to fail to do so even once, and although he may be happy with his individual performances, PSG as a team have utterly failed.

The blame can be found all over the place. Experts cite things like the players’ relationship with the club or the virtually non-existent sporting and long-term concept with a well-thought-out and truly workable plan.

It should also be mentioned that the club’s fans are not behaving too logically either. This has been known for a long time, but since Messi’s arrival it has become even more obvious when they criticise him senselessly, whistle at him and blame him for failures. After all, Neymar has experienced something similar.

In the future, PSG fans won’t be surprised if someone doesn’t want to move to Paris because of this. Messi doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone, he did his best for the club in both seasons and to blame him for anything? The faults are elsewhere, not in him.

Messi’s former teammate Thierry Henry sees it similarly. “For me, Messi is not PSG’s problem. I played with him and he was never a problem. On the contrary. He has always been the solution. He was also a solution for Argentina,” GetFootballNewsFrance quotes him as saying.

Among other things, Henry says that missing training is no big offence and it can happen to anyone. He says the punishment for it is perfectly understandable, but it’s certainly not a big deal. The French legend, on the other hand, sees the inconsistency of the club’s management and fans as a problem.

“What are the rules? Nobody speaks, nobody even explains what’s going on,” the Frenchman said of PSG’s lack of transparency. PSG fans can only hope that at least this lack of communication from the club will change at some point.

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