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Macek makes his KSW debut, former champion finishes him with 9 seconds left



After another unsuccessful battle for the title, albeit temporary, Filip Macek said goodbye to the Octagon. But he didn’t wait long for a new commitment, he signed for the Polish brand KSW and in his first match he faced a huge challenge.

There is no doubt that Filip Macek is a quality fighter. But unfortunately, he can’t set his mind right for important and big fights. He has lost only three out of twelve fights in the Octagon.

With all three losses he could have won the title. He was beaten by Tomas Deák in 2019, Jonas Magard in 2021, and Gustavo Lopez in December 2022. Lopez was also the last opponent of the Czech fighter in the biggest Czechoslovakian organization.

But then Macek got an attractive offer from KSW. The Polish giant clearly has a very good opinion of the Czech, as the former Octagon fighter faced a tough challenge in his first fight in the organization.

Macek’s opponent was Sebastian Przybysz, a former champion of the organization, who also managed two defenses. He lost the title in his last fight in December to Jakub Wiklacz, losing on a split-decision.

Macek made his debut on Saturday night when he took part in the main preliminary bout at KSW 82. The first round didn’t look bad at all on his part, and while he pulled the short end of the rope in the stand-up, he had some good moments.

Unfortunately Przybysz managed to kick Mack’s left leg in the first round, which affected the Czech fighter’s performance in the rest of the fight. In the second round, Macek tried to take the fight to the ground, unfortunately unsuccessfully, and ended up on the bottom with the Pole controlling the fight in a dominant position.

The third round looked similar. Macek again took the bottom position and Przybysz eventually managed to win by TKO when the referee stopped the fight with nine seconds left.

What’s next? Przybysz will probably fight for the title again, for Macek the loss is no tragedy, on the contrary. He put on a likeable performance, showed great fight and impressed the fans.

Source: KSW, Tapology