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Icon Guti fires back at Spanish national team: you can’t lose against Scotland! With four games at the club, you have nothing to do there

The Spanish national team loses 0:2 to Scotland in a qualifying match. It caused a big uproar in the country of 50 million people, and the legendary Guti also joined the national team.



The Spanish national team loses 0:2 to Scotland in a qualifying match. It caused a big uproar in the country of 50 million people and even the legendary Guti got involved in the national team.

New coach Luis de la Fuente is starting a new era for the Spanish national team. While he was praised after the first match, after the second a wave of criticism is pouring in.

First, La Roja beat Norway 3-0 and the country of 50 million welcomed the fresh wind. But for the duel with Scotland at Hampden Park, de la Fuente changed the line-up a lot and made eight changes to the starting eleven.

Only leaders like Carvajal, Morata, Laporte and Gavi remained on the bench. But it didn’t end well, Scotland won 2-0 thanks to two goals from Scott McTominay.

And Spain are now facing a wave of criticism. The legendary midfielder of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, Guti, was also on the TV show El Chirinquito.

“It’s easy for a lot of players to make the national team, but it shouldn’t be easy. They should realise that. You have to multiply the performance from your club by 10 to be in the national team,” Guti said.

Coach de la Fuente, however, looked for the positive side of things at the press conference and did not resort to any criticism of his players. But Guti didn’t like that either.

“What message are you giving to the players at the press conference? That we go home happy? We lost, but it doesn’t matter. You have to let the players know that you can’t lose against Scotland! Get the message to them that this is not good enough for the national team. And then discuss the positives with the management team,” thinks the former great midfielder.

“I don’t want everything to be negative right away. But it has always been an honour to make the Spanish national team. Today, players get it for free. It’s really easy for them. Maybe it’s because we don’t have players who tower above the rest and have a secure place,” Guti reflects on the reasons for La Roja’s decline.

“But it’s not enough for me that a player with four good games at the club gets into the national team, it’s really not. Something more is required in a national team as big as Spain’s,” says the author of three national team goals.

Source: El Chirinquito