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Episode Two: Kincl vs. Vémola! The memorable XFN press conference, where friends became enemies

It is the biggest possible fight of the domestic MMA scene among Czech fighters. Karlos Vémola and Patrik Kincl will face each other at the end of May in an expected rematch. How did a war of words turn into a feud that still resonates to this day?



It is the biggest possible fight of the domestic MMA scene among Czech fighters. Karlos Vémola and Patrik Kincl will face each other at the end of May in an expected rematch. How did a war of words turn into a feud that still resonates to this day?

The sporting rivalry turned into a personal one at a memorable press conference

In the first installment, we introduced you to the origins of one of the biggest rivalries on the domestic MMA scene. How a seemingly innocent video sparked a war of words, but one that has so far been on a sporting level. It was a misunderstanding, but then came a feud that resonates through the domestic MMA scene to this day.

One sentence triggered not only the rivalry between Karlos Vemola and Patrik Kincelo, but also a mutual fight that was organized by the then Czechoslovakian MMA number one XFN. If there was a sporting aspect to Kinc, it was lost during the memorable press conference.

The press conference was led by Ondřej Němec, the editor of the Sport daily, and things were certainly heated between the two men. We will try to bring you a few snippets from the sharp exchanges of both participants, which are certainly interesting to watch after all these years.

Vemola categorically denied that Kincl cancelled the UFC fight because of him

The press conference, of course, revolved around videos on both fighters’ social media accounts, which addressed, among other things, Kincl’s refusal of the UFC specifically because of the Terminator fight. “Patrik definitely didn’t turn down any UFC because of me, ” Vémola fumed right at the beginning of the press conference. “The UFC dropped the fight, it was a short notice fight, he was trying to make weight for the fight with me at 84 and he wouldn’t make it to 77.”

“Plus, the standard contract in the UFC is $10,000 a loss, so he did a quick calculation when he’s this close to getting married and as he says he’s not doing it for the money, he’d rather fight me in XFN and get five times the payday. He chose to wrestle me for political and managerial reasons. He wasn’t in a position to take the fight,” he fired barbs.

Patrik Kincl already mentioned in the aforementioned social media video that it was indeed a short notice offer with Neil Magny and that he would need more time for such an opponent.

Vemola countered by saying that if he was given the chance to return to the UFC, he would give XFN their money back and make his other dream come true. “I understand you, you would have taken the offer, but I’m going to get more offers, so I’m just putting it off,” Kincl responded confidently.

“I guess you’ll get it, you’re young and experienced, but this will slow you down,” Vémola rushed to respond. “I believed from the beginning that we are friends and this will make me feel sorry for you and Czechoslovak MMA. Because it’s going to slow down your career and the offers from abroad are going to fall a little bit. I’ m sorry from a friend’s point of view, but I don’t care anymore.”

Both men predicted the course of the duel

After further outbursts, Kincl, who was all smiles during the press conference, repeatedly used his hands to indicate a wheelbarrow and even resorted to beatboxing, could not hold back. “I’m already hearing for the tenth time how I’m going to get beaten up. How are you going to do it, you have nothing on me. You haven ‘t progressed as a wrestler in the last five years, you have no weapons on me in the stand-up, my wrestling is equal to yours, my ground is ten times better than yours.”

“It is true that he is the best Czech fighter I have faced here,” acknowledged the quality of his opponent. “But the weight classes are there for a reason and it’s possible it will be on points. It’s possible it will be a boring fight, he’ll try to survive, I’ll try not to tire and I’ll try to beat him up for three rounds.”

By the way, the term “little fat 77” was mentioned at this press conference, which is, among other things, the subject of today’s court battles. Vémola used it about his opponent in response to the fact that Kincl would take him down. “He’s going there for a payday, a lost fight. It’s going to work out and if it doesn’t, I’m a little fat 77 and he’s a big 84.”

How did they both feel about a possible rematch?

Very interesting were the answers to Ondrej Nemec’s question if the winner would offer the loser a rematch. “I don’t think about another fight, I don’t have any other fights scheduled, I’m concentrating on this fight and how it will turn out. What will happen after that, I don’t think about it at the moment,” said the first Kincl.

“I certainly don’t,” said Vémola emphatically. “I know how the match will turn out and there are a few fools who don’t believe it, even he doesn’t believe it. What’s the point of a rematch? If I win, I don’t need a rematch, I need quality foreign opponents.”

We will look at the fight itself and what happened afterwards in the next episodes. Even though the rematch was close and hasn’t happened yet, hopefully we will see it in less than two months. You can watch the full press conference, which was posted by the youtube channel “PREVENTIVE STRIKES” before their first duel, in the video below.

Source:: XFN, Sherdog, Oktagon MMA, Youtube channel – PREVENTIVE STRIKE