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Araujo to the sausage stand? Vinícius played with a Barcelona defender like that, he’s facing ridicule

On Wednesday night, Real Madrid mocked Barcelona with a 4-0 drubbing, as did Vinícius and his rival Ronald Araujo.



On Wednesday night, Real Madrid mocked Barcelona with a 4:0 drubbing, as did Vinícius and his rival Ronald Araujo.

In the first leg at the Santiago Bernabéu, Barcelona won 1:0 despite a big home advantage. The only way to qualify for the Copa del Rey final was to draw at home, but that was not the case at all.

Vinícius Junior opened the scoring in the first half, followed by Karim Benzema’s hat-trick in the second half and Real took home a triumphant 4:0 victory.

One of the most watched mini-duels was again the clash between Vinícius and Ronaldo Araujo. Xavi had started using the Uruguayan stopper as a personal defender for Vinícius at right-back in El Clásico since last season.

This is because Araújo is an extremely speed-equipped defender and moreover, he is excellent in one-on-one defensive situations. In a few games, this persona has really worked, however, yesterday Vinícius put it all together for the Uruguayan and really toyed with him.

Immediately at the start of the second half, the Brazilian threaded the ball into the box and with a neat flick he evaded Araújo, who went completely the other way than Vinícius with the ball.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s legendary line fits beautifully. Then I went left and he went to the sausage stand.”

Social networks are a cruel place and Araújo almost immediately became the target of much ridicule. Immediately, collages began to appear depicting the Barcelona defender as, for example, the son of Vinícius.

Even a photo from one exhibition where the defender begs the Brazilian magician for mercy is legendary. After yesterday, fans remade this photo into a duel between Vinícius and Araujo.

Barcelona didn’t help the situation much either. After the game, fans posted a photo of the fight and added: Demolition man.

The black evening for Araújo continued when, at 0:2, he created a penalty after a foul on Vinícius and Benzema increased the lead to 3:0.

Source: FC Barcelona, Twitter